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I take complicated scientific canine research publications and simplify them for the lay-audience. I’ve written plenty of features about dogs: domestication, genetics, behavior and canine curiosities. Click any title to read the article.

Digging Up Bones

Prehistoric burials add to our understanding of the long, long relationship between people and dogs, The Bark, Issue 80, Winter, 2014

Geneticists are looking at the common village dog genome to find clues to canine evolution and health.
The Bark, Issue 74, Summer 2013

Body Language
Breeders, judges and historians talk about breed standards - why they work and when they don't.
The Bark, Issue 75, Fall 2013

How to design a garden for you and your pooches that’s dog-proof.
American Bungalow Magazine, 2013

Yes, they do. But they don’t tell you what you really want to know.
The Bark, Issue 72, Nov/Dec 2012

In dogs multiple traits can be linked to a few single genes, so don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
The Bark, Issue 62, Nov/Dec 2010

From puppy to partner, guide dogs are a special breed.
The Bark, Issue 52, Jan/Feb 2009

Charles Dickens’ dogs in his literature and life.
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2008

Can DNA Decipher the Mix
Unraveling the genetic tapestry provides clues to breeds and their mixes
Bark Issue 50, Sept/Oct 2008

Deconstructing the Gene Pool
Dr. Mark Neff and his team uncover the surprising origin of a potentially deadly mutation that affects nine herding herding breeds.
The Bark, Issue 34, Jan/Feb 2006

Are feral dogs like wolves?
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2006

HRH and her 88 companion dogs.
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2005

Your Dog's Brain

Canine character and its biochemical basis
AKC Gazette, December 2005

Canine Kinesics
What body language reveals about the dog's mind
Family Dog, 2004

The Case for Domestic Dog Origin
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2004

How Victorian society turned working dogs into house pets
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2003

What changes happen in purebred dogs when we use breed standards to inhibit change?
American Kennel Club Gazette, 2001

Dog Humor
Dogs are funny indeed, but their sense of humor indicates much more about how they think.
American Kennel Club Gazette

Seven blind guide dog handlers talk about their experiences and the different ways that breeds solve problems.
American Kennel Club Gazette

Why are dogs in vintage movies historically misrepresented?

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