Monday, December 26, 2016

Australian Cattle Dog and Poodle Mix Designer Hybrid Dogs


Australian Cattle Dogs and Poodles are crossed accidentally and on-purpose. Called Cattle Doodles or Cadoodles, some are offspring of Miniature Poodles and others Standard Poodles. 

Thanks to all my readers who send pictures of their Cadoodles.  They're posted below. If you know an Australian Cattle Dog (a.k.a. Heeler) and Poodle hybrid pooch, send photos to and I'll post them here.

This is Dr. Barkman's Cadoodle. According to Gus' DNA test, he is Australian Cattle Dog and Miniature Poodle. Unlike either parent, he is long and low like a Corgi.  Neither parental breed exhibits this particular type of dwarfism in the phenotype, but both may be carriers.  He weighs about 30 pounds, stands 14 inches tall, and is about 30 inches long.

I took a photo almost every week for 12 months. 
(See Gus grow)
George's person said, "George came in with his mother and siblings as strays to the local humane society." When the pups were 6 weeks old she and her husband began fostering all three at home. 
George, Loretta and Townes
One pup was adopted and George and Townes stayed in the family. "We thought George was some type of schnauzer/terrier mix.  However we  recently received Embark DNA results back for George and it appears his father was an Australian cattle dog with some mixed lineage and his mother was a small poodle/shi-tzu mix." 
George at 11 months.
Watch George and his siblings grow up:
Dixie's mom was a standard poodle who was unintentionally crossed with a blue heeler.
Dixie when she was a wee-pup,
Sully was adopted from Underdog Rescue in Minnesota. 
Sully at 16 weeks with his person.
Charlie's mom is a blue heeler and dad is a cream colored labradoodle. She is likely the result of an accidental pairing with great results. She was found on Craigslist. Her person said, "She has the most beautiful coat that seems to change colors. Best part, she is the smartest dog we ever had.  She's about 40 lbs. in the photo, and we expect she may get to the 50 lb. mark. We absolutely love her." She added that Charlie herds the kids by bumping their legs with her head when they run. 
Charlie when she was about 6 months old
Here are some pics of Murphy.  The result of an intentional hybrid breeding, his father is a black Standard Poodle and his mother a Blue Heeler. Murphy's person said, "He is just too cute.  Something you can't see in the pictures is that he is all black with some white patches on his chest and belly, but has recently been getting sporadic white hairs coming in on the back and sides of his torso."

Murphy at 7 months and 40 pounds

Murphy snoozing
In this photo, Lilly is almost 13 years old.  Her mom's a blue heeler and the unplanned  Dad was the neighbor's poodle. Lilly's person said, "She is the best dog! The best guardian of our family and home, super loyal, & extremely smart. She can be very active or a couch potato. She's about 55 pounds. We got her in Central IL.  (Everyone thinks she's a labradoodle)."

Below is Kimber at 12 weeks and 16 pounds. Her father is a purebred Standard Poodle and her mom is a purebred Blue Heeler.  Her person said, "A breeder from Lynchburg Virginia listed a litter on Craigslist. The breeder told me she should be around 40 pounds, but I'm thinking a lot more. She is a handful but I love her so much. She is lucky she has the cutest face ever."

Kimber at 12 weeks

Kimber relaxing in her yard.
An update on Kimber:  At one year she weighed 46.8 pounds
Cattle Doodles, like other hybrid dogs, don't breed true where the offspring always look the same.  In other words, some may look more like dad, while others look more like mom, just like you and your human siblings.

Check out more cuties after the break.

Same mix as my Gus, but they look much different than him.
Clover is a Poodle/Blue Heeler (aka Cattle Dog).  This is her at 4.5 months. She is the result of a very happy accident - the litter was expected to be pure heelers. Her tail is naturally short as were all the pups in the litter.


Indy-Anna's father is a standard poodle and her mother is a stumpy tail Australian Cattle dog. It was an accident and happened just before the mom was scheduled to get spayed.  There were five boys all with stumpy tails and three girls, two with full tails and one with a stumpy tail.  Some were born black and white, some black, tan and white, and some just black and tan.  Her person said, "She is such a handful but we love her like crazy."

Indy-Anna before summer trim

Indy-Anna after summer trim
Someone wrote to tell my she thinks she has Indy-Anna's sister.  She wrote, " I might have Indy-Anna's sister, she has the same story. Her mother is a stumpy tail cattle dog and her father is a standard poodle. We are from Michigan. She's a very smart puppy and she is a handful. We love her so much. This is her picture:
Coco as a pup. Could she be Indy-Anna's sibling?

Coco all grown up
Bo was part of an accidental litter of eight. Mom is Australian Cattle Dog and Dad is  Poodle. His person reports, "He is super smart, athletic, loyal and friendly."
The result of  a backyard gate left open, Ryder is the fortuitous offspring of a pure bred standard Poodle, and a pure bred Blue Heeler. His person said, "He is quite a treat, very loyal and full of energy. This little guy is so energetic and smart. I consider it a happy accident."
Ryder at 4 months
Gunnar is from a shelter. "He's very smart and knows about ten to twelve commands, learns fast, never barks unless startled. He has tons of energy and endurance. I wish I could find another one for my parents as they just love him."
What a nice surprise to get a photo of Roxy from her person who told me she is the sister to two Blue Cadoodle pups posted above.
Roxy at ten months
Red Cattle Dog x Standard Red Poodle = Mum
Mum x Blue Cattle Dog = Roxy
Below is what the three of them looked like as pups.  Just goes  to show you that canine genetic remains a marvelous mystery. Roxy's person said, "According to the family that we got her from - the breedings were intentional, that is, their original Red Cattle Dog was mated with a Standard Red Poodle - producing the mum."  Mum was then bred to a purebred Blue Cattle Dog and voila- here are three of her pups.
Roxy and her sibs -same mum and dad
The litter included one pure black, one gold, one black
 and gold (Roxy) and two blues (right).
Dolly is the result of a female Blue Heeler crossed with male Toy Poodle/Pomeranian mix.  The breeding was intentional.  "She is the most amazing, loyal, funny dog I have ever had.  She is a whopping 26 pounds and has the softest fur ever," said her person.
Dolly - One parent was a Blue Heeler
the other a Poodle/Pomeranian mix. 

Jack, Rosie and Millie are black Miniature Poodles x Cattle Dog.  They are the result of an accidental breeding. Their person said, "We live out of town and had an unexpected visit from the Cattle Dog from an adjoining property."  How lucky can you get?
Miniature Poodle x Cattle Dog
Boy was I surprised when someone wrote to tell me they think they ended up with Jack, pictured above left.  Jack's person said, "We noticed some photos of siblings Jack, Rosie and Millie.  We know someone who recently adopted a 9 month old pup who was called Jack, who looks exactly like the Jack in your photo.  Apparently he also had a sister called Rosie.  The coincidence is amazing.  Jack was born in Dubbo, Australia, & lived in Gosford before being adopted out.  We're wondering if you could tell us if this would be the same Jack?  And if so, would there be anymore photos or info about him?"  

This is Jack in his new home, at nine months of age.
Look how similar the markings are
to the pup in the photo above (left). It's got
to be the same dog!

And this is a short movie of Jack getting acquainted with water.

Izzy is a rescue from Guanajuato, Mexico. You may disagree with her person because you live with the world's best dog, but he says, "Izzy is the best dog in the world." He knows she's part Blue Heeler but wasn't sure where the crazy coat came from. Since Izzy is a dead ringer for some of the other pooches listed on this post, now he knows it's a poodle thing.
Izzy weighs about 24 pounds, stands 15 inches high and is 25 inches long from nose to tail base. She has the typical solid color spot at the base of the tail, a common marking in Blue Heelers.
Humphrey was bred on purpose and his owner discovered him at Levi's Legacy Kennel in Ohio. She was inspired by all the comments on this website and that's how she decided on Humphrey. "So far Humphrey is one super sweet baby and I don't believe he is ever going to change."

Syd Vicious enjoying a car ride

Syd's person declared, "This is Syd Vicious, the love of my life. I go nowhere without him. It's the way we both prefer it." Syd is very smart, protective and loyal. Syd's mom is a nine pound toy poodle and his dad is an Australian Cattle Dog. Syd lives with his mom, pictured below on the right. A friend owns the father, a cattle dog.  His person added, "He is my everything."

Syd on the left sitting with his mom
Wolfy is a happy accident. She is one in a litter of ten. Mom was an Australian Red Cattle Dog and Dad was a black Miniature Poodle. Wolfy's people said, "Wolfy is extremely intelligent when she's not being crazy and loves to play. Huge appetite!" 

Wolfy as a pup.

Wolfy, who lives in Australia, at one year of age.


If you know an Australian Cattle Dog (a.k.a. Heeler) and Poodle hybrid pooch, send photos to this email- -and I'll post them here.


  1. I am not sure if I have ever seen one, but I will keep my eyes open. We are always seeing others walking their dogs on our hikes, so I will start watching for unique breeds.


  2. Finally catching up with all your posts. Really do love the Aust cattle dog, love that colouring, haven't seen the Aust Cattle dog/Poodle hybrid though, not here downunder yet! Little Gus is gorgeous!!! Now that I've upgraded from XP to Windows 7 I may be successful at leaving comments on blogs again, it was getting weird with XP on it's last legs!

  3. Every single one of them looks absolutely adorable, especially Gus! I love the mix and it reminds me so much of cookies-and-cream flavored ice cream. But the Cattle Doodle sounds way quirky, so I'm going to stick in calling them that. I'll be keeping an eye on them here, too. Cheers!

    Priscilla Price @ The Pet Glider

  4. Roxys mum is long tail red cattle bitch x standard red poodle dog, mum then x long tail blue cattle dog.

    1. Thanks Phil. I made the correction. No stumpy tails in this lineage. Thanks for commenting.

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  6. Love this! We thought we rescued a goldendoodle 4.5 years ago to join our other goldendoodle. Decided to get his dna tested and just learned he is a Australian Cattle dog x Standard Poodle cross. Will have to send in photos :)

  7. Hi all - I'm finally getting time to attend to my blog and I have ooodles of Cadoodles photos your've sent for posting. So they are coming soon. Too cute to describe!
    -your belated blogger Dr. Barkman

  8. Do you know of any breeders I can buy from? I'm looking for standard poodle/cattle dog. Thanks!

    1. Why not go to a shelter and adopt a mixed breed puppy? Buying a mutt from a breeder is insane, especially a mix of these two breeds. They are not dogs that should go together.

    2. Maggiemae1754@gmail.comApril 2, 2017 at 1:28 PM

      I have 8 heeler and standard poodle cross.5 girls and 3 boys beautiful puppies..they were born and are being raised im my home ..they want ne ready for pick up until first week in may...i am now taking $100.00 deposit to hold your puppy untill they are ready..

    3. Can I ask where you are - I'm looking for a puppy in Australia - preferably near Brisbane, but just finding a cattle x poodle would be the end of a long search! BTW - are there any left with wool if you are in Australia?

  9. I don't know, but it seems like several people who've sent in photos found their dogs on Craigslist.

  10. Australian Cattle Dogs and Poodles are crossed accidentally and on-purpose. Called Cattle Doodles or Cadoodles, some are offspring of ...


  11. I have been on the hunt to find a mini cattle poodle mix. I’m not sure where to look. Anyone know where I should look?

    1. I found one from Prairie Ridge Farms Labradoodles in Tennessee. They had an oops litter of Austrialian Cattle Dog and Labradoodle. Not sure where you are located or if you're still looking but they do have one left! She is giving them away too since it was an oops!