Monday, July 22, 2013

Bully Whippet

Would you believe the dog below is a purebred Whippet?  She is.
Bully Whippet
Wendy is what's called a Bully Whippet, the result of an unusual gene mutation that affects myostatin, creating a sort of double muscle effect.  Including the rare Bully Whippet, there are three types within the breed.

  The non-racing Whippet is the smallest, weighing about 22 pounds.

The racing Whippet weighs close to 35 pounds.

Wendy weighs 65 pounds.

Wendy's double muscle condition has to do with a mutation on one gene.  If a Whippet has one copy she will be very fast.  If she has two copies she will be over-muscled.

If you want to know more, read this New York Times article.

New York Times
Or watch this video about Wendy the Bully Whippet, courtesy of Animal Planet

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  1. I've always liked whippets, and have never seen anything quite like this!! Wendy is quite a special dog, and I love how her owner loves her for what she is!! Despite her looks, it appears that she is quite a gentle dog!!! Lovely story!!!!!